What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Kitchen Cabinet?

- Mar 31, 2019-

First, choose the kitchen cabinet should be determined before the decoration

Problem: kitchen cabinet installation is the last step. Many people have misunderstandings that it is not too late to buy the kitchen cabinet after the kitchen is finished. The result is that after the kitchen cabinet is in place, it is already a few months after the renovation. The friends who are eager to stay will be very annoyed. What's more important is that the kitchen cabinets are only booked after the decoration. The styles that look at them may be good, but they must be abandoned because they cannot match the gas, water pipes, etc.

Solution: Before the decoration, please measure the size of the kitchen cabinet manufacturer, determine the style and model of the kitchen cabinet, reserve the pipeline interface in the kitchen cabinet, and also need to accurately expose the pipeline when decorating, so that the kitchen cabinet can be installed.

Second, choose kitchen cabinets to pay attention to kitchen functionality

Question: Many young friends pay more attention to the appearance of fashion in the choice of kitchen cabinets, ignoring their most practical functions - storage, and even after the kitchen cabinets enter the home, many "unexpected" things are not placed, and all kinds of debris are stacked in the kitchen. And then the stylish kitchen cabinets have become a foil.

Solution: Small household appliances, all kinds of pots, tableware knives, seasonings and staple grains are all items that must be stored in the kitchen. For such a large number of pieces, the most needed is a storage kitchen cabinet. Therefore, Xiao Bian believes that the storage function is preferred when purchasing kitchen cabinets, and the second is the appearance.

Third, the number of kitchen cabinets should be combined with family use

Problem: The kitchen space is limited. Many people think that the kitchen cabinet should be installed as much as possible, so that the kitchen has more storage space, but too many kitchen cabinets not only occupy the activity space, but also make the kitchen appear heavy and depressed.

Solution: Generally speaking, the kitchen cabinet occupies no more than 1/2 of the kitchen floor space. Once it is over, the kitchen space will become crowded. In addition, the ratio of the kitchen cabinet to the kitchen cabinet is not more than 1:13. The distance between the wall kitchen cabinet and the floor kitchen cabinet is about 650-700mm.

Fourth, choose kitchen cabinets to pay attention to environmental performance

Question: When it comes to the use of plates, the environmental protection of kitchen cabinets has also received consumer attention. As long as you go to the store for a circle, you will find a lot of "all environmental protection", "E0-class box", "anti-collision strips to avoid formaldehyde release", etc. In fact, many of them are merchant hype, after consumers buy Only discovered that these so-called "environmental protection" concept.

Solution: The environmental protection of the kitchen cabinet is related to the environmental performance, processing technology and installation technology of the board. From the practical point of view, 100% environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets are difficult to achieve, and the Chinese environmental label is certified when purchasing. The ten ring certification is subject to change.

Fifth, the choice of kitchen cabinet appearance should be based on their own style

Question: When some friends choose kitchen cabinets, after visiting a certain brand, they go to the store for a lap, select the style to place an order, thinking that this will be done? In fact, the cool sample kitchen cabinets on the store, sometimes moving to the home is not the case, the effect of the kitchen cabinet will be affected by the kitchen environment, lighting, decoration color.

Solution: The model kitchen cabinets look gorgeous in the lighting and bright environment of the store, but the most ideal selection criteria is to choose the color and material of the kitchen cabinet according to the style, color, lighting and size of the kitchen. Such as: the kitchen is not recommended to use the edge of the exaggerated kitchen cabinet products; Chinese kitchen is not recommended to use complex carved door panels.

Sixth, choose kitchen cabinets to pay attention to material performance

Problem: Now the performance of kitchen cabinet panels is more and more, waterproof, fireproof, no scratches, etc. These properties are actually the surface properties of the panels, and the actual panels are the most important. Many consumers who don't understand are blinded by these performances, ignoring the substance.

Solution: The kitchen cabinet panel generally has solid wood panels, plywood, large core panels and other materials. It is the most important thing for consumers to distinguish the density and quality of kitchen cabinet panels. It is also a necessary condition for selecting good quality kitchen cabinets.