What Can Affect The Price Of The Wardrobe

- Apr 22, 2019-

Custom furniture has become more and more popular in people's lives. Customized wardrobes that reflect their individuality and meet individual needs have become a trend. For those who have never tried a custom closet, I would like to know how the price of the custom wardrobe is calculated. What factors will affect its price? Let's talk about these two aspects.

The projected area calculation method and the expanded area calculation method are two common methods for calculating the price of a custom wardrobe.

The projection area calculation method is to multiply the projected area of the cabinet on the wall by the unit price to obtain the total price, that is, the product of the height and width of the cabinet is multiplied by the unit price to be the price of the cabinet. This method is generally calculated without regard to the internal conditions of the cabinet, such as how many partitions are used. However, if the designed cabinet depth exceeds the specified depth or the internal laminate is used too much, the merchant may request additional charges.

The most commonly used calculation method now is to expand the area calculation method, that is, to calculate the tiled area of the panels used in the wardrobe, and the sum of them and the unit price is the price of the sheet. This calculation is a bit more complicated, but the price is more transparent. Everyone should pay attention to this method of calculation, hardware and some functional appliances are to be charged extra.

There are 3 factors that affect the price of custom wardrobes.

The difference in the price of the wardrobe has a greater impact on the price of the wardrobe. The more commonly used plates are solid wood boards, particle boards, MDF boards, etc. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. From the price point of view, solid wood is the most expensive, of course, the performance is better.

The hardware used in the wardrobe will also affect the price of the wardrobe. Some well-known hardware manufacturers have more expensive hardware and of course better quality. Good hardware can extend the use of the wardrobe, it is recommended to choose good quality, not low price.

Finally, the price of the wardrobe is the brand of the product. Good custom wardrobe brand prices are generally slightly more expensive, but a penny. The quality of wardrobes produced by mature brands is much better than those of low-priced and inferior wardrobes. Wardrobes are furniture that should be used for a long time. From the aspects of environmental protection, after-sales, quality, etc., we should choose a brand-name word-of-mouth custom wardrobe business.

There is no uniform standard for custom wardrobe prices, the materials used are different from the calculation methods, and the prices are different. Although the price is a big factor to consider when buying a wardrobe, don't forget that it is very important to be environmentally friendly as the furniture we often touch.