The Essentials To Buy A European Wardrobe

- Apr 20, 2019-

The house has been decorated in a European style, in order to ensure the uniformity of its style, often choose to buy a European wardrobe. There are a lot of European-style wardrobes on the market. The quality is good or bad. How to choose a good wardrobe suitable for us? We can choose from 6 directions.

1. View the material. In order to highlight the characteristics of the luxurious atmosphere, the European wardrobe is usually made of precious solid wood panels, and the decoration on it is hand-carved.

2, smell the smell. Close to the closet, smell to see if there is a clear smell, the real quality of the European wardrobe will not give a pungent smell even if it is newly purchased. This can only happen with inferior wardrobes, which may be caused by inferior wardrobes emitting formaldehyde that is harmful to the human body.

3. Check whether the texture and color of the wardrobe border are completely consistent, and whether the door panel and the border are produced by the same manufacturer. Poor quality wardrobes, their color is likely to be inconsistent.

4. If you buy a European-style wardrobe with a pulley, check the bottom wheel and try to push and pull to see if the slide is smooth. Most of the pulleys of European-style wardrobes are made of carbon fiberglass, which has good wear resistance and should be clearly distinguished when purchasing.

5, need to carefully check the front and bottom of the wardrobe have not been processed, check whether the edge is flat. A good quality wardrobe will definitely do these details, and the inferior ones may not have dealt with these parts.

6, good quality European wardrobe, most of their cabinet door thickness can reach 10 mm or 12 mm, the cabinet door thickness of 8 mm most of the wardrobe is the most quality. Therefore, the wardrobe can be selected simply by checking the thickness of the cabinet door.