The Difference And Connection Between The Whole Kitchen And The Whole Kitchen Cabinet

- Mar 17, 2019-

1. The whole kitchen is treated as a whole. According to the characteristics of the kitchen operation, the kitchen cabinets are used as carriers to properly arrange furniture, electrical appliances, hoods, cooktop cookers, burning appliances, water basins, etc., and have an organic whole of functions such as cooking, washing, cooking, storage and garbage collection. Organically combines the energy and the upper and lower facilities in the kitchen to complete the cooking work, is harmless to the human body, and can also beautify the environment.

2, the whole kitchen cabinet is out of the house, it combines a series of functions according to the habits and procedures of ergonomic cooking, so that the functions of washing, cutting, burning and storage can be in a series of whole kitchen cabinet systems. Completed, basically reached the level of scientific and integrated. The kitchen cabinet system includes floor kitchen cabinets, hanging kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, hardware fittings, kitchen furniture that can be placed in pots, bowls, scoops, pots, etc.

3, from the kitchen cabinet to the kitchen, the whole kitchen cabinet is still a certain distance from the concept of the whole kitchen, the products used in the kitchen are not matched, because it is not highly standardized, and some facilities are not compatible. The whole kitchen represents different design concepts, service quality and quality of life. It considers walls, roofs, floors, doors and windows, lighting, and furniture and electrical equipment used inside. It is a broader concept.

4. It is recommended to decorate the kitchen. First draw the standard final construction design drawing, coordinate with the house, and decorate one step at a time. Avoid a complete kitchen cabinet to buy home, in order to avoid the complicated pipeline, not to knock off the backboard, the bottom plate, or to saw off a certain piece, until the completion of the renovation is incomplete.

5. If the whole kitchen cabinet company takes into account the factors of electrical appliances and environment used in production, the range hood, microwave oven, oven, etc. used in combination with the color, size and style are matched with the kitchen cabinet and matched. A step closer to truly turning to the overall kitchen concept.

6. Summary: The overall kitchen is a broader concept, with more integration space, and takes into account more electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, and environmental factors.

The kitchen cabinets are constructed in three categories: floor kitchen cabinets, wall kitchen cabinets, and high kitchen cabinets. Their functions include washing, cooking, cooking, and storage. kitchen cabinets are generally made up of countertops (door panels, kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, sinks, hardware fittings).