The Bathroom Vanities Is A Kind Of Sanitary Ware

- Apr 30, 2019-

The Bathroom vanities is a kind of sanitary ware. The bathroom is used to wash your face and wash your hands. The Bathroom vanities is divided into two types: the above counter Bathroom vanities and the under counter Bathroom vanities. This is not the difference between the Bathroom vanities itself, but the difference in installation.

The Bathroom vanities above the countertop is called the above counter Bathroom vanities. The Bathroom vanities is completely sunken below the countertop and is called the undercounter Bathroom vanities. The installation of the above counter Bathroom vanities is relatively simple. Just open the hole at the predetermined position on the table according to the installation drawing. Then place the Bathroom vanities in the hole and fill the gap with glass glue. When using it, the water on the table will not flow down the gap, so It is used more in the family. Because the above counter Bathroom vanities can make more changes in the shape, there is a large room for the choice of style, and the decoration effect is ideal.

The under counter Bathroom vanities is easy to use, and water and other debris can be directly wiped into the sink, but the sink can not be changed later, and the maintenance is troublesome. After the installation of the under counter Bathroom vanities, the overall appearance is relatively neat and easy to manage, so it is used more in public places. However, the joint between the Bathroom vanities and the countertop is more likely to be contaminated. Moreover, the under-Bathroom vanities requires high installation process: firstly, the under-Bathroom vanities installation bracket should be customized according to the size of the under-Bathroom vanities, then the under-Bathroom vanities should be installed at the predetermined position, and the bracket should be fixed and then the hole with the hole opened. The cover is fixed on the wall on the under-counter Bathroom vanities - generally the angle iron is used to support the table top and then fixed to the wall; secondly, because the under-floor brackets of the under-floor Bathroom vanities are staggered, the disassembly and assembly is complicated, and if the length of the table is small, it is difficult to install. To ensure the quality of the installation, in addition, the under counter Bathroom vanities style is relatively simple, the only thing that can be played is the color shape of the countertop, so it is generally used in the home.

There is a little inconvenience in the use of the above counter Bathroom vanities, and the debris cannot be directly applied to the sink.

Type characteristics

1, ceramic washBathroom vanities: is the most commonly used material.

2, stainless steel: polished stainless steel and modern electroplating faucet are very equipped, but the surface of the mirror is easy to scratch, so for users who use a lot of times, may wish to buy brushed stainless steel.

3, polished brass: in order to avoid fading, brass needs to be polished, the surface is painted with a protective layer, scratch-resistant and waterproof. On weekdays, you can keep it clean with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive detergent.

4, reinforced glass: thick and safe, scratch-resistant and durable, has a good reflection effect, so that the bathroom looks more crystal-clear, suitable for wooden countertop configuration.

5, the transformation of stone: stone powder added color and resin, to create a material like natural marble, but more hard and anti-fouling, and there are more styles to choose from.