Share 4 Easy To Use Wardrobe Layouts

- Apr 26, 2019-

Wardrobes of different sizes will have different layouts. Some wardrobes are suitable for placement in the bedroom and some wardrobes are placed in the cloakroom. The style of the wardrobe is so varied, how should we design a reasonable wardrobe layout? 4 easy to use wardrobe layouts to share with everyone.

Easy to use wardrobe layout one

The wardrobe placed in the cloakroom requires a more professional layout design, and a placement area is required for storing accessories, shoes, clothing, and the like. Different sizes of storage boxes for storing items can be placed at the top of the closet, and a dressing table can be embedded in the middle of the closet. Different sizes of compartments can be placed beside the dressing table. This kind of wardrobe is generally large, occupying most of the space in the cloakroom.

Easy to use wardrobe layout II

The wardrobe placed in the bedroom is generally not too large, so its storage space is relatively limited, we can partition the interior space of the cabinet according to the function, to achieve the best storage effect. The wardrobe can be set to be semi-open, and the moving door can block the space of different functions.

Easy to use wardrobe layout three

In the layout design of the wardrobe, more space should be given for the placement of the clothes, so we can design this way. A large space is left in the middle of the closet for the clothes to be hung, and a drawer is placed below to store the foldable clothes. The left and right sides of the closet and the space at the top are set as sliding drawers and some fixed size storage spaces.

Easy to use wardrobe layout four

If it is a custom-made overall wardrobe, its interior space will be relatively large, and more clothes can be placed. More space can be used to hang clothes in the overall wardrobe, and some drawers can be used to store small items. If the owner has more shoes, he can also design a multi-layer shoe rack in the closet for placement.

Through the above several different wardrobe layout designs, we can know that when designing the layout of the wardrobe, it is necessary to design according to the different situations of the space in which the wardrobe is placed.