Pros And Cons Of Solid Wood Cabinets

- Feb 17, 2020-

    Solid wood cabinets are generally not easily deformed, and logs are prone to cracking and deformation. Solid wood needs to be maintained to reduce the probability of deformation.

    Advantages of solid wood kithen cabinets

    First, the beauty of the shape: Because the solid wood has good processability and plasticity. Therefore, solid wood products can make complex shapes that cannot be made by other materials, such as carved flowers, rounded edges, and the straightness of edges and corners.

    Second, the color is beautiful: Because the solid wood comes from nature, and the solid wood itself has natural patterns and pores. Therefore, after the solid wood door panel is painted, it can make beautiful textures and rich, full-colored colors, while the door panels made of other materials have no real natural texture and the color is monotonous, neither rich nor layered.

    Diversity: Because there is a lot of space for changing the shape and color of solid wood products, solid wood products can make a variety of product effects through the combination of shape and color. This effect is also the taste or lifestyle of consumers.

    Disadvantages of solid wood cabinets

    Pure solid wood cabinets are natural and environmentally friendly products, and expensive is the main point. There is also the moisture content of solid wood which makes the cabinet humidity relatively unstable, which will cause deformation problems in the winter rainy season; if it is exposed to direct sunlight in hot weather or the continuation of dry weather, the solid wood cabinet will crack. Furthermore, the solid wood cabinets are well-painted and cannot damage the internal materials, so paint or dents will appear after metal products or other sharp objects collide.