Kitchen Cabinet Buying Skills

- Mar 13, 2019-

A look at the edge of the plate. The sealing edge of the high-quality kitchen cabinet is smooth, smooth and feels good. The sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joint is fine. The professional manufacturer uses a straight edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge sealing, broken ends, trimming, chamfering and polishing to ensure the most accurate size. The workshop-style small factory is glued with a brush, artificially pressed and edged, trimmed with a wallpaper knife, and polished with a manual polishing machine. Due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong, and formaldehyde and other harmful substances are volatilized into the air. in.

Second, look at punching. The panel furniture is assembled by three-in-one connector, and the matching and precision of the hole position will affect the structural firmness of the kitchen cabinet kitchen cabinet.

Three look at the board. Cutting is the first process in the production of kitchen cabinets. Large-scale specialized enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input machining dimensions through computer. The computer controls the size accuracy of the material selection, and can process several plates at a time. The performance of the device is stable, and the plate size accuracy is very high, and the tolerance unit is in the micrometer.

Four look at the door panel. The door panel is the face of the kitchen cabinet, just as important as the human face. Door panels produced by small factories are susceptible to moisture deformation due to improper handling of the substrate and surface processes.

Fifth, look at the assembly effect of the whole set of kitchen cabinets. Any dimensional error in the production process will be expressed on the door panel. The small factory will produce a combination kitchen cabinet, and the door panel will have uneven door seams and uneven gaps, both large and small.

Six look at the slide rails of the drawer. Although it is a small detail, it is an important part of the quality of the kitchen cabinet. Due to the hole position and size error, the sliding rail installation size is inaccurate, causing the drawer to pull unsmoothly or loosely left and right, and also pay attention to whether the drawer gap is uniform.