How To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen Cabinet?

- Mar 28, 2019-

1. Green kitchen cabinets. It gives people a feeling of relaxing, refreshing and pleasing color. What green people feel is: the theme that will never be used up, and will not be bored. This is because every change of it corresponds to nature to human beings. Impression, so green is suitable for all people who like him, from light green to grayish green, then dark purple, complete the outdoor to indoor excess, corresponding to the natural response of human vision to space.

2. Dark grey kitchen cabinets. This is a color with a strong modern urban feel. From the perspective of feng shui, the deep color is easy to give people a feeling of depression, so it is recommended that you use some light colors when decorating, such as supplemented with beige, let People seem to reveal a unique sense of luxury in a low-key.

3. Silver and white kitchen cabinets. Very quiet and elegant, it can be said that most of the owners will choose the color, but also in the many answers to the question of what color is good in the kitchen cabinet, the most frequent occurrence. Indeed, their combination, as long as they are inside, there is a sense of peace and tranquility away from the dust.

4. Blue kitchen cabinets. For the people in the high-temperature coastal areas, the kitchen cabinet door is good in color, there is no more suitable than it, let you see it, you will feel the cool and refreshing summer.

5. Red kitchen cabinets. Studying the color of the kitchen cabinet door is good, naturally it is impossible to reduce the color that is full of vitality and vitality. Different from the sense of tranquility created by the first few color systems, it often brings joy and joy to the people, so it has a certain effect on stimulating appetite and improving cooking mood.

kitchen cabinet color matching points

1, a reasonable match color

When we match the kitchen, the colors are in three colors, not including black and white. However, if you match this, you can ask a professional designer to make a layer of color matching, so that the overall effect is also beautiful.

2, pay attention to space size

When choosing the color of the whole kitchen cabinet, don't just use neutral colors. You can pick some brighter colors, such as white, fruit green or blue, which will give you a more active and finishing touch.