Have To Look At The Seven Points Of Buying A Children's Wardrobe

- Apr 16, 2019-

The wardrobe is the most common piece of furniture in the bedroom. It can hold a lot of our clothes and it is very important for us. The child grows fast and has many clothes. Many parents have bought children's wardrobes for their children. So which wardrobes are most suitable for children, let's analyze and analyze.

First, buy a design science professional wardrobe. It is now popular to design a number of different bins, which can then be freely combined into cabinets by the customer according to individual needs. They can even increase or decrease the movable floor and drawers of the cabinet and adjust its height. In order to make full use of the space, you can choose a cabinet with a high ceiling.

Second, do not choose a wardrobe of miscellaneous brands, the quality can not be guaranteed. We can judge by watching the door and its border. For example, whether their texture color is uniform, whether the door panel and the frame are from the same manufacturer.

Third, 10 mm or 12 mm thick door panels are a good choice, 8 mm or 6 mm sheet is not stable enough, not durable, easy to deform. If you want to design the cabinet up to the top of the ceiling, the best height of the door is above 2800 mm.

Fourth, we must pay attention to whether the accessories of the cabinet are complete, such as some pants racks, pull baskets, lattice racks, CD racks, push-pull mirrors, etc., which can provide us with convenient and practical accessories.

5. Household cabinets can be pushed and pulled at least 60,000 times, so the pulleys need to be more wear-resistant and not easily deformed. It is recommended to choose mature brand children's wardrobes, their wheels are safe and reliable with anti-jumping device, and the sliding door is smooth and flexible.

Sixth, the choice of cabinet doors is rich in variety, you can design your own wardrobe style according to your own hobbies. A cabinet that a child likes can make him active and cheerful.

Seven, the most important thing is to ensure that the wardrobe is made of environmentally friendly materials. Nowadays, many artificial boards are still bonded with traditional urea-formaldehyde resin glue. This kind of furniture will continuously release formaldehyde during use, which is easy to cause cancer.