Design Considerations For Wardrobe Size

- Apr 12, 2019-

For those who don't pay much attention to the decoration information, they should not know how to design a reasonable wardrobe size. Many people just set up a few pendants or drawers for the interior layout of the wardrobe. What kind of size is suitable for the wardrobe, then talk about the three places to pay attention to the size design of the wardrobe.

First, let's take a look at some of the regular wardrobe sizes for everyone to understand. The cabinet for stacking clothes should have a height of more than 0.35 meters and a width of more than 0.33 cm and less than 0.4 cm. The height of the cabinet used for hanging clothes should be greater than 0.8 meters. If it is a long coat, the height should be greater than 1.3 meters. The drawers are preferably located approximately 100 cm above the ground. The upper part of the closet is generally used to store items that are not commonly used, such as quilts, which are more than 0.4 m high. The lower portion of the closet cabinet is typically designed to hold space for commonly used garments.

If there is a fitted wardrobe with a height of 2.4 meters, the detailed size should be: the lower cabinet is 1.83 meters high, and the remaining height is made into the cabinet. In order to put on the clothes, each cabinet should be 0.2 meters high. One unit should be 0.9 meters wide and the door should be approximately 0.45 meters. Some of the depth will be set to 0.6 meters. For the design of small and medium-sized units, the splint should be laid out 0.1 m and then divided into 2 pieces. Its cabinet depth is 0.56 meters, plus the thickness of the door is 0.02 meters, a total of 0.58 meters. If it is less than 0.53 meters, the sleeves will appear. If the bedroom space is not enough, you can only use a pull out farm when the smaller wardrobe is placed. The depth of the wardrobe can reach 0.35 meters. More 0.25-meter-long movable shelves can be placed in the closet for debris.

People of different ages have different needs for using wardrobes. Children's clothing is generally stacked more than hanging, you can design a larger body cabinet, the top is a pendant, the rest can be left for children to put toys. According to experienced designers, young couples like to have space for TV sets in the middle of the closet. The space on both sides of the TV space can be designed to store clothing space for men and women. For the elderly who have difficulty climbing and squatting, the height of the drawer in the closet is about 1 meter above the ground, and the clothes they stack are more than the hanging clothes, so you can also make more drawers and laminates on the closet.