Cabinet Door Material(3)

- Feb 09, 2021-

    6.Solid wood veneer.

    The solid wood veneer cabinet door refers to covering a layer of natural veneer on the surface of the base material (particle board or MDF) to obtain the natural effect of the log. Now, veneer is divided into natural veneer and technological veneer, and there are various types. Because veneer comes from nature, it has an unmatched sense of texture and grade, and it is very popular in modern or light luxury and minimalist styles. And the price is higher.


    7.Acrylic board.

    Acrylic door panel is a modern technology material, and the main component is high-purity polymethyl methacrylate, which is a clear and transparent plastic material. Acrylic door panels are generally edge-sealed with three-dimensional acrylic interlayers around them, with strong lines. Acrylic board has soft texture, bright colors and wide applicability. It has excellent high brightness, good toughness, not easy to break, and easy to clean. Moreover, the acrylic door does not require a painting process, and has good environmental performance.

    8.Carbon crystal plate.

    Carbon crystal board is a new type of high-tech environmental protection material. The inner base material is solid wood multilayer board, and the outer is made of toughened polymer material. The carbon crystal plate has high strength, smooth surface, water resistance and high temperature resistance. It has the characteristics of solid wood and avoids the shortcomings of solid wood. It can be used for film pressing and high gloss effects of baking paint, and also have stronger scratch resistance,variety of colors and excellent performance.