Cabinet Door Material(2)

- Feb 02, 2021-

    3.Paint board.

    The painted door panel is made of MDF as the base material, and the surface is made of Imported environmental protection materials, processed by advanced technology and baked at high temperature, and the surface can present a high-brightness mirror effect. It can be made bright or matte. The lacquered door has high brightness and pure color, with strong visual impact, bringing an elegant and generous light luxury texture to the kitchen cabinet. Which is easy to clean has strong anti-fouling ability and high environmental protection level. In daily use, the paint board should avoid high temperature and sunlight, avoid bumps and scratches. It is recommended to use a soft and delicate cloth when cleaning, and avoid the use of alcohol and solvent cleaners.

high gloss lacquer kitchen cabinets

    4.Package cladding.

    Cladding door panels usually take MDF as the base material. The panel parts are covered by 6 sides and assembled through grooves. That is to say, the door panel is not a whole panel, but a combination of different panel components. The cladding door panel can be made into various and complex shapes, and the inner and outer colors are consistent, the stability is high, it is not easy to deform and change color, and it is moisture-proof and environmentally friendly. Cladding door panels are mostly used in European or classical styles.

    5.Log board.

    The natural logs are cut, dried and processed into panels, and then painted to form cabinet doors or other household products. The varnishing of logs is generally more varnish, divided into open paint and closed paint, showing different effects. The logs are taken from nature and still retain the natural characteristics of wood, while also possessing unparalleled natural texture and elegant atmosphere. Log products have inherent environmental advantages, and the focus is mainly on the choice of paint.