Bathroom Vanities Selection Tips

- May 02, 2019-

The bathroom is the most intimate space in the home, but the Bathroom vanities seems to be inconspicuous in this space. The area is small and the function is very simple. In fact, the Bathroom vanities has a great influence on our mood. It starts to be fresh and happy in the morning. One day, the night is washed away to exhaust and relax, so choosing a suitable Bathroom vanities is a non-negligible part of the bathroom.

1. A variety of materials

Because of the ceramic tiles used in the bathroom, the ceramic Bathroom vanitiess are most widely used. Generally, the Bathroom vanitiess under 500 yuan are made of ceramics. This Bathroom vanities is more economical and durable. However, the color and shape change are few, basically white, and the shape is mainly oval or semi-circular;

●Glass Bathroom vanitiess first appeared in the name of fashion design, and have been widely used, and derived from transparent glass, frosted glass, printed glass Bathroom vanitiess, etc., generally with stainless steel brackets, can show the owner's taste.

●The stainless steel Bathroom vanities and other steel fittings in the bathroom together express the modern texture unique to the industrial society. It is cold and cold, but the personality is very clear.

●The marble Bathroom vanities is made of marble, and the shape is simple and bright. It is decorated with quaint thick wood brackets.

The Bathroom vanities from 1000 yuan to 5,000 yuan is a medium-to-high-end product. The price of this product is rich in materials and styles, so you can see a variety of materials other than ceramics, made of tempered glass, stainless steel, natural stone, etc. The Bathroom vanitiess vary in style and workmanship. For example, in the home show, a Bathroom vanities made of a piece of black natural marble is carved, and the luxurious appearance is matched with a few pieces of black metal. Under the refraction of the light, an exquisite piece of art is sold. Of course, the price Not cheap, up to 30,000 yuan.

2. Colorful colors

● Solid color In terms of color, traditional white and beige are no longer the protagonists. The trend of personalization of the home has led to the personalization of the bathroom. As far as the Bathroom vanities is concerned, color first becomes the declaration of personality. Light green, sea blue, bright yellow, pink and other colorful colors have become the palette of modern homes, expressing the owner's emotions, and you can feel the vitality and happiness at a glance.

● Cultural taste In addition to the change of pure color, the infiltration of cultural taste also makes the white or ivory traditional ceramic Bathroom vanities show noble and elegant temperament. For example, in the tone of the white to depict a variety of flowers and birds and insects, it adds a little more fun, and more antique Tang poetry and Song poetry, so that the bathroom is no longer monotonous.

● Material color sense material changes also bring color changes, such as cloisonne Bathroom vanities color logo is obvious, classical meaning flutters, but because of the higher price generally used in star hotels, there are glazed glass pots, with almost full of glass The color and mutual infiltration feel quite aristocratic, and it is the first choice for children's bathroom and design studio.

3. Alien specifications

At the International Home Design Exhibition, the Bathroom vanitiess, in addition to being colorful, appear in irregular geometric shapes, not only with rounded semicircles, serious squares, but also with angular triangles, pentagrams, and even petal shapes. It allows the viewer to appreciate the many interesting things; the popularization of double Bathroom vanitiess and even three Bathroom vanitiess makes the most effective use of the home space, and also adapts to the fast-paced modern life.

In the eyes of the top designers, the Bathroom vanities and the lake feel connected together. This one has no overflow holes, is complete without flaws, and the faucet and the Bathroom vanities are combined together, and the irregular shape appears to be unintentional. It seems to be a natural lake, and I am used to the common faucet of water. If you look at it, you will be involuntarily trying to reach out. It seems to be a source of water. This is of course a luxury.

4. Integrated Bathroom vanities

The traditional Bathroom vanities and the countertop are usually connected with silica gel, which is easy to accumulate. When used for a long time, there will be black edges. The integrated Bathroom vanities has a strong sense of overall shape, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and can use space reasonably and flexibly. Wall mounted or used with the bath cabinet. The shape also affects the individual performance of the integrated Bathroom vanities due to the diversification of the Bathroom vanities. The designer's eyes are also transferred to the table. More geometric shapes such as ovals and trapezoids break the rectangular shape and color. The richness of the integrated Bathroom vanities has more fashionable fans.

The square Bathroom vanities has a smooth curved transition between the Bathroom vanities edge and the pelvic floor. The lines are light, simple and elegant, and the lightness and strength reach a harmonious unity. The Bathroom vanities seems to fly from the stable table.