High End Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Door Panel Surface finish: wooden doors Countertop: Artificial Stone/ Quartz Carcass Materials: Particle Board Usage: prefab kitchen cabinets, DIY kitchen cabinets MOQ: 1 set
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High End Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets


High End Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood cabinet usually refers to the cabinet made of solid wood or solid wood composite door panel in the overall cabinet, which is called solid wood cabinet. Its cabinet body, table top, functional hardware accessories, etc. are still composed of the original brand configuration of the manufacturer, with high-grade and beautiful advantages, natural lines, etc 

Solid wood.

Easy to clean.

High quality look.

Strength and durability.

Many colors, styles, stains, and species available.

The advantages of solid wood cabinet, such as: high-end beautiful, natural lines, give people the feeling of returning to nature; environmental protection and pollution-free, light and hard, solid and durable. All of these are basically known, but the impression of traditional solid wood cabinets is usually invariable, single color and simple shape.

With the development of wood processing technology, today's solid wood cabinets have become colorful. More changes have been made in style and details, such as the addition of carvings and grilles, which makes the door panel more colorful, the cabinet body more stylish, and the treatment of lace corners and the color of paint more refined.

Therefore, the solid wood cabinet now not only represents the classical but also represents the fashion.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Functional Accessories


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