Cottage MFC Kitchen Cabinets

Door Panel Surface finish: MFC cabinet doors Countertop: Artificial Stone/ Quartz Carcass Materials: Particle Board Usage: Melamine Kitchen Cabinet, Panel Kitchen Cabinet MOQ: 1 set
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Cottage MFC Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refers to the platform where kitchen utensils and appliances are stored and cooking is done. Use the color collocation with higher lightness, composed of five pieces: cabinet, door, hardware, mesa, electrical appliances. Integral kitchen,  is to referred to kitchen cabinet, electric appliance, gas is provided, kitchen function appliance the cabinet combination that 4 integral form.

Cabinet carcass: according to the space structure, it includes top cabinet, base cabinet, decorative cabinet, medium height cabinet, cabinet on the countertop, etc

Cabinet door: the choice range is large, press material composition to include door of wood kind, aluminium alloy, shutter door, move door, lacquer door, PVC pressed door

Adornment board piece: include clapboard, top board, top line board, back wall act the role ofing

countertop: including artificial stone, laminate board, artificial quartz stone, stainless steel, natural stone, such as excellent SLATE

Toekick : include toekicks, adjusting toekicks and fittings.There are plastic and aluminum alloy floor plates commonly used to adjust the floor

Hardware accessories: including hinge, guide rail, handle, lifting code, other structural accessories, decorative accessories, etc

Functional accessories: including sink (artificial stone basin and stainless steel basin), faucet, accessories, soap dispenser, all kinds of pull basket, pull rack, shelf, rice box, trash can, etc

Lamps and light: laminate lamp, roof lamp, all kinds of built-in, external cabinet lamp


16mm damp-proof particle board;  

16mm water-proof plywood

Door Base Material

18mm MDF;


Solid Wood

Edge Banding





More over Hundreds of colors to choose


Hardware and accessories

We use high quality hardware and accessories for our kitchen storage cabinets. Brands we usually use are Blum, Hattich, and Chinese local brand.

kitchen accessories 

Packaging & Delivery

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