Modern Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Door Panel finish: Lacquer(high gloss/ matte)
Worktop: Quartz
Carcass Materials: MDF/ Particle Board
MOQ: 1 set
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Modern Painted Kitchen cabinets are a wonderful way to improve any kitchen. Our business offers exceptional kitchen cabinets, including lacquer, PVC, melamine, solid wood. And the styles you can have are modern, classic, shaker, or cottage. You can come to website to check out our wide selection of kitchen cabinets for your home.
Even the smallest kitchens these days are utilizing the many benefits of a smart pantry. Tiny pantries are replacing boring shelves and cabinets in urban kitchens as homeowners are once again turning towards this timeless feature. Take your pantry to a whole new level this year with pull-out shelves that give your even more space and utilize the depth of the shelves fully. Just tuck them away when not in use and you will not even know that they are there! Bespoke solutions and smart pantries with slim pull-out shelves promise to transform your small kitchen instantly.


Modern Painted Kitchen cabinets Hardware and accessories


Spice Rack Pull Out
All you need is 3” to get a whole lot of extra use with the spice rack pull out. It is available in 3” and 6” widths and can be used in the upper cabinets or the lower ones below the counter.
This is a really practical space saving solution that enhances the actual cabinet boxes. A lot of people like to do two, one on each side of the stove. The most commonly used ones are the filler spice racks.

Tray Divider
Tray dividers are intensely helpful for keeping all those cookie trays and broil pans upright and neat. They are usually placed in either a 9” or 12” cabinet next to the stove.
A less-traditional, but equally practical use for tray dividers is to place them in cabinets above the stove to organize cookbooks.
Tray dividers are rather inexpensive and a very nice addition to any kitchen.

Cutlery/Knife Block Drawer
In addition to the plastic or wire cutlery tray dividers that most people get for at least one drawer, the cutlery/knife block drawer system replaces the entire drawer and gives you a complete built-in cutlery/knife block drawer.
This accessory option comes in many different sizes and configurations. Some of them even come with a built-in removable cutting board.

How To Customized Your Kitchen Cabinets?


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