What's the price of high end lacquer kitchen cabinets? Let me tell you!

- Mar 23, 2020-

High end lacquer kitchen cabinets has a rich color and fashionable appearance, is currently more popular cabinet type, because the surface of the paint is polished, so the face is very high finish, can give you a strong visual impact. So, how much should the price of the baking paint cabinet be in the normal range? So I'm going to give you a brief introduction.

What's the price of a paint cabinet?

1. Low end paint cabinets, even with the same materials, can be both good and bad. The same goes for high-end paint cabinets. For the same baking paint cabinet, in the brand, the craft still can have certain difference, therefore the price also can have certain difference. As for the price of a paint cabinet, there are a number of inexpensive low-end paint cabinets on the market that cost around $100 and may be a little rough to make.

2. Mid Range lacquered cabinets, let's look at the prices of lacquered cabinets with the largest number of buyers. A lot of people would go for around $600. This paint cabinet feels good, but it's also very durable, and you can buy the whole cabinet at this price point. But the best choice of general brand paint cabinet, performance-to-price ratio will be higher.

3.High end lacquer kitchen cabinets, paint cabinet is expensive is some well-known paint cabinet brand of high-grade cabinets, the most expensive paint cabinet price of more than $1,000, of course, most of these cabinets are custom-made. Generally on the market to buy more expensive about $1000.