What's the contemporary luxury built in bloset?

- Jan 21, 2020-

What's the contemporary luxury built in closet?

For those who love to dress up, the wardrobe never seems to be big enough, so many people's dream is to set up a cloakroom directly in the house, while the luxury built-in wardrobe with independent space has multiple functions such as storage, fitting, makeup, ironing, etc., so it has become the choice of many families

Contemporary luxury built in closet originated in Europe. In addition to clothes and accessories, mirrors and iron plates are also included. Can be included.


The main advantage of the Contemporary Luxury Built In Closet is its functionality, its ability to adjust standards by family, and to make the most of the limited space compared to traditional dressing rooms.

Compared to the usual closet, the closet storage space is more complete, the clothes are more easily available, and the user has sufficient test space.

You can also maintain internal integrity and absorb large ones such as vacuum cleaner and ironing.

Cabinets require reasonable lighting to avoid disagreement with lighting and interior ambience. It is recommended to select a light source near natural light. It can be seen at a closer distance when choosing clothes and assembling.

You should plan the classification of clothes beforehand. For example, the fashion area, leisure area and proportion