What kind of wood is there in the solid wood wardrobe?

- Mar 28, 2019-

1. The material used in the beech wood solid wood wardrobe has moderate strength and hardness, suitable for engraving, and the price is also very good. And the texture is rough and visible, and the style is high.

2, mahogany solid wood wardrobe material has high hardness and good wear resistance and durability. This wardrobe is dark in color and gives off a scent. It is a good quality wardrobe.

3, walnut wood is also called walnut, its structure is slender and even, hard and heavy, is also the wood commonly used in solid wood wardrobes. Walnut wood furniture is resistant to wear, has strong toughness, and has very strong corrosion resistance and shock resistance.

4. The ash is also known as ash, and the panel made of ash is clear, which is very suitable for modern minimalist style wardrobes. The ash solid wood wardrobe is cheaper, but because it is easy to deform, if it is made of solid wood, it needs to be spliced with multiple small wooden boards.

5. The oak texture is straight and beautiful, and the color is light and elegant. The solid wood wardrobe made of oak has high mechanical strength.

6, white pine structure is fine and even water, has a flexible touch, is the wood often used in solid wood wardrobes. White pine solid wood wardrobe is good drying, water and corrosion resistant, easy to process, is a more common kind of solid wood wardrobe.

7. Korean pine has the same advantages as white pine. It is easy to process, water resistant, dry and corrosion resistant. The coloring rubber has good structural properties, but the hardness is not white and the material is soft. The red pine solid wood wardrobe is red in color and only needs to be varnished on the surface, which means it will not fade after many years of use.