What is the characteristic of high end lacquer kitchen cabinets?

- Jan 25, 2020-

What is the characteristic of high end lacquer kitchen cabinets ?

High color values for cabinets come from complex processes.

The first base is a density plate, and the high temperature spray applies six kinds of import paint (three kinds, both sides, bright color). The surface has polished sand, polishing, drying, polishing, crushing, and matte three metal colors.

Burn color

The surface coating of the cabinet effectively prevents moisture, moisture penetration, oil penetration, bleaching, bleaching and freezing.

One reason for choosing High End Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets is that family mode is not selected, so "family mode" is extended.

Therefore, by selecting the configuration of type 1 and type L, the small space can be extended and supported by a clear system.

The area of the room is quite large and the choice of colors can be selected boldly. Island type emphasizes individuality.

Who says the high end and the low end cannot harmonize? high end lacquer kitchen cabinets is a certificate. Make a beautiful dish, improve the style and break the color.