What do you need to pay attention to when buying a kitchen cabinet?

- Mar 10, 2019-

1, whether the kitchen cabinet is independent kitchen cabinet

The whole set of kitchen cabinets and the kitchen cabinets of the separate kitchen cabinets have different degrees of fastness. The service life and stability are 2-3 times different, and the cost difference is 5%. Therefore, consumers should ask when purchasing the whole kitchen cabinet. As consumers, we can identify them by packing and installing the kitchen cabinets. If the separate kitchen cabinets are assembled, each kitchen cabinet should have a separate package; consumers can also observe them in front of the kitchen cabinet.

2, kitchen cabinet plate thickness

At present, there are 16 mm, 18 mm and other thickness gauges on the market. The thickness varies greatly depending on the cost. Normal 18 mm thick is 16% higher than 16 mm thick, and the kitchen cabinet life of 18 mm thick is More than double the 16 mm thick plate. Relatively speaking, the 18 mm thick plate can ensure that the door plate is not deformed and the protection table is not cracked.

3. Does the kitchen cabinet door have a silent edge banding?

The door with silent edge sealing can relieve the impact force when it is closed, eliminate noise, and prevent insects, ants and other insects from entering. The cost of sealing and unsealing is 3%. In addition, the sealing strip is not tightly closed, which will cause oil fumes, dust and insects to enter. When purchasing, check whether the countertop, door panel, box and sealing strip, and anti-collision strip are processed by machine film, whether it is pressed on both sides. .

4, kitchen cabinet assembly method

At present, the main assembly methods of the kitchen cabinets on the market are the latest third-generation box-and-rod structure, fixing parts and quick-loading parts, which can effectively ensure the rigidity and endurance of the box, and use less glue. More environmentally friendly. However, in general small factories or manual on-site production is still connected with screw rivets or glue.

5, the kitchen cabinet backboard should be double-sided

In order to save costs, many manufacturers often cut corners on the backboard and make single-sided seals. It is not easy for consumers to find that the back panel is bare on the side, so that the single-sided backsheet is easy to get wet and moldy. Formaldehyde is released, causing pollution, so it must be double-sided sealed.

6, kitchen cabinet sink installation method

It is necessary to ask whether the sink of the kitchen cabinet is pressed once or glued with the glue. Different methods have different prices and different quality. The sealing performance of one press is more perfect, water and moisture are not easy to penetrate, and the kitchen cabinet body is more effectively protected, and the service life of the kitchen cabinet is prolonged.

7, the test report can not be less

The state expressly stipulates that furniture products must produce finished product testing reports and indicate the formaldehyde content. Some kitchen cabinet manufacturers can only provide raw material inspection reports, but the environmental protection of raw materials is not equal to the environmental protection of finished products. Only the qualified products can prove that their products are qualified. Therefore, the consumer can ask for the purchase at the time of purchase, or record the quality inspection report number presented by the merchant and call the quality inspection department to check the authenticity.