What are the skills of kitchen cabinet purchase?

- Mar 13, 2019-

First, ask the thickness of the kitchen cabinet board. There are currently 16 mm, 18 mm and other thickness gauges on the market. The thickness varies greatly depending on the cost. For this one, the 18 mm thick is 16% higher than the 16 mm thick sheet. The life of the kitchen cabinet made of 18 mm thick plate can be more than doubled to ensure that the door panel is not deformed and the table top is not cracked. When consumers look at the samples, they must carefully understand the composition of the materials and be aware of them.

Second, ask whether the independent kitchen cabinets will affect the fastness of the whole set of kitchen cabinets. Therefore, consumers should ask when purchasing the whole kitchen cabinets. The service life and stability of the two are different by 2 to 3 times, and the cost difference is 5%. Consumers can be identified by packaging and installed kitchen cabinets. If separate kitchen cabinets are assembled, each kitchen cabinet should have a separate package; consumers can also observe it in front of the kitchen cabinet.

Third, to ask whether the anti-mite mute edge use the anti-mite mute edge of the kitchen cabinet, the impact of the door when the door is closed, to eliminate noise, to prevent the entry of cockroaches and other insects, there is no tamper-proof edge cost difference of 3%. Also check whether the countertop, the door panel, the kitchen cabinet and the sealing strip, and the anti-collision strip are processed by the machine film, whether it is pressed on both sides. The sealing strip is not tightly closed, which may cause oil smoke, dust and insects to enter.

Fourth, to ask about the composition of artificial stone Suitable for kitchen countertop materials, fire board, artificial stone, natural marble, granite, stainless steel, etc., which is better than the performance price of artificial stone countertops. The cheap tabletop calcium carbonate is high in composition and easy to crack. At present, more used in the market is composite acrylic, pure acrylic and so on. The composite acrylic acrylic medium acrylic component is generally about 20%.