Wardrobe to the top of the note

- Apr 24, 2019-

The top of the closet is the top of the closet and directly reaches the ceiling, leaving no space. Many people will customize the wardrobe to the top, which looks beautiful and can increase the storage. But not all the space is suitable for the wardrobe to the top, let's introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the wardrobe to the top and the attention of the wardrobe to the top.

The advantages of wardrobe to the top

1. The wardrobe extends to the top wall, filling the space in some areas, making the space appear more full, the line of sight is extended, and the overall aesthetics of the room is improved.

2, the wardrobe to the top does not need to worry about the top of the wardrobe will be full of dust, no need to spend time to clear.

3. If the wardrobe can be reasonably topped, the unused space on the top of the wardrobe can be reused to improve the storage capacity of the wardrobe without taking up extra space. For small-sized families, the closet to the top is a good choice.

Shortcomings from the closet to the top

1. Because the wood board contains moisture, it is prone to thermal expansion and contraction, and the decoration of the top wall is easily destroyed.

2, the top wardrobe has a larger area, if the wardrobe is billed according to the expansion area, the price will naturally be more expensive.

3, the wardrobe to the top design because of its high height will form more pressure on the side panels, if the side panels of the bearing capacity is insufficient, the time will be deformed, affecting the life of the wardrobe.

4, to the top of the top wardrobe because the height is too high, it is not convenient to take the clothes, it is best to store seasonal or less commonly used clothing.

Wardrobe to the top of the note

1. If the wardrobe is set to the top, the side panels will have to withstand more pressure. In order to ensure that the wardrobe is not deformed, if the height of the wardrobe is more than 2.4m, it is best to use two pieces of 0.018m to put together, and also to design a compartment.

2. If there is a problem with the quality of the house and it is not flush with the ground, there will be a clear gap between the top of the wardrobe and the top wall. Smaller gaps can be repaired with putty, and then glass glue is used to make contact between the putty and the board. If the gap is too large, you need to use woodworking ceiling or plaster line, PU line to repair.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the top of the wardrobe. Do you want to choose the wardrobe to the top, but also the actual situation of the user. After understanding the precautions of the wardrobe to the top, everyone can better install to the top wardrobe.