Wardrobe finishing and storage practical skills

- May 02, 2019-

In daily life, everyone encounters many problems when using the wardrobe. For example, there are too many clothes, and the wardrobe storage space is sufficient. It is difficult to organize the clothes of the wardrobe, and it will become messy after a long time; when you change clothes, you will go out. When I can't find the dress I want to find. Here are some practical tips for finishing and storing the wardrobe to help you solve these troubles.

Wardrobe finishing and storage practical skills

1, the wardrobe shared by many people, it is best to distinguish the storage area of the wardrobe according to people, different people's clothing is placed in different areas of the wardrobe.

2, clothes are open according to the summer and winter wear, the same season clothes can also be classified according to color or style, length, type.

3. The space occupied by hanging 10 pieces of clothes is equivalent to accommodating 20 to 30 pieces of folded clothes, so the clothes suitable for folding are folded as much as possible for T-shirts and other close-fitting clothes.

4, all shoes are best stored in an open space, lined up, such as sports shoes, high heels and sandals are arranged in a row. The boots are not placed upside down with the other shoes and can be supported by the boots and placed on a dedicated shoe rack or drawer.

5, seasons of clothing and bedding are generally placed on the upper level of the closet, if placed directly on the shelf, due to the need to extract sometimes, may cause the already stacked clothes to be messed up again. A storage box of similar size can be placed on the shelf for storing seasonal clothes.

6, the length of the clothing is different, may leave some space at the bottom of the closet, these places can use the use of add hanging rods, safes, split-level shelves, etc. or put a storage box of different heights to make full use of space, expand Storage space.

7, the whole set of clothes with a good suspension, can save the selection time and save space. If you have more trousers, you can add pants racks in the closet to make the partitions more distinct.

Learn these tricks to organize and store practical skills, the wardrobe will never appear messy clothes. Open the closet every day to see well-ordered clothing, and the comfortable layout will keep you happy and face the day's work.