Types of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 14, 2020-

The current wooden cabinets are divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite and solid wood veneer.

1. Pure solid wood cabinets have higher requirements for the consistency of wood species, which are natural and effective as a whole;

2. The solid wood composite cabinet takes the solid wood splicing material as the base material, and the surface is pasted with solid wood skin, which can also achieve the visual effect of solid wood;

3. The solid wood veneer cabinet is double pasted with solid wood skin on the surface of the density board.

The advantages of the latter two are to avoid the color difference and defects of the surface raw materials, to achieve the same texture and color effect, and not easy to deform; while the pure solid wood type cabinet has large strength and long service life, and the latter two are more beautiful due to the uniform water property, deformation resistance. The top-grade materials for solid wood door panel are teak, cherry, walnut, oak and beech; the middle ones are Manchurian ash and oak; the lower ones are basswood, birch, pine and Paulownia.