Tips of Maintaining Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 13, 2020-

Solid wood cabinet, because the door panel is made of pure solid wood, it's a natural environmental products, and the price is expensive. Because of its value, it also makes the owners care for it. Compared with the ordinary material cabinet, the maintenance of solid wood cabinet is slightly complex. The solid wood cabinet has a certain requirement for temperature and humidity, and special attention should be paid to the maintenance in winter.

1. Temperature difference effect

The most ideal setting for solid wood cabinets is between 18 ° C and 24 ° C, and the relative humidity is between 35% and 40%. Please avoid the cabinets being placed near the heat source or air conditioner vent. In rainy winter, pay attention to the humidity of the kitchen, avoid excessive moisture evaporation to increase indoor humidity, and wipe the moisture on the door panel in time.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Try to avoid the long-term exposure of outdoor sunlight to the whole or part of the cabinet. The best place to put it is in a place that can avoid the sunlight, or use transparent tulle curtains to separate the direct sunlight. In this way, not only does not affect the indoor lighting, but also makes the soft light add a few warm and romantic feelings to the room, while protecting the indoor cabinets.

3. Avoid scratches by hard objects

When cleaning, do not let the cleaning tools touch the cupboard. At ordinary times, pay attention not to let the hard metal products or other sharp tools collide with the furniture, so as to protect its surface from bruise marks.

4. Avoid removing stains with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents

If there is any stain on the surface of the cabinet, do not rub it vigorously. Remove the stain gently with warm tea water. After the water evaporates, apply a little light wax on the original part, and then rub it several times to form a protective film.

5. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet surface

The surface of solid wood cabinet is coated with paint, which is particularly important for the maintenance of its paint film. Once the paint film is damaged, it will not only affect the appearance of the surface, but also further affect the internal structure of the product. Therefore, the cabinet should always be kept clean. Every day, clean the dust on the surface with a pure cotton dry soft cloth. Every once in a while, clean the dust on the corners of the cabinet with a wet cotton silk that has dried the water, and then dry it with a clean dry soft cotton cloth. You can also apply a thin layer of high-quality light wax after drying, and wipe the luster gently like leather. In this way, you can not only Maintained the wooden cabinet, but also increased its brightness. However, it must be careful to select the light wax. It is not allowed to use inferior products containing chemical corrosion components.