There are a few big mistakes that must be avoided in custom wardrobes

- Apr 30, 2019-

In modern home life, custom closets are very popular and have entered more and more families. However, many users have fallen into the misunderstanding of custom wardrobes, and have not purchased a wardrobe that they are satisfied with. Let's take a look at the big mistakes that custom wardrobes must avoid.

1. The characteristics of the wardrobe customization are tailor-made, but it does not mean that you can completely follow your own ideas. The wardrobes that are customized according to the unconventional ideas are often flashy. Although the custom closet can make the most use of space and solve the irregularity of the apartment, it is built on the actual situation of the space and the existing styles and crafts.

2, the wardrobe is not the bigger the better, the stronger the storage. The volume is not the only factor that can affect the storage of the wardrobe. The structure and component design of the interior of the wardrobe can directly affect the storage capacity of the wardrobe. Considering the spatial layout and the size of the room, the good interior design of the wardrobe is more in line with the user's storage habits, and it is more comfortable to use.

3, many people think that the choice of customization is not necessary to participate in the whole process, this is wrong. Although there are designers who come to the door to measure the size during the custom closet, this is just one part of the home improvement. In the case of the measuring ruler, it is better for the user to communicate with the designer to match the layout of the wardrobe and the layout, the type, the style, etc., so as to avoid the wasteful time such as the need to rework in the later stage.

4, high price does not mean more environmentally friendly, there are many factors determining the price of the wardrobe, such as wardrobe area, sheet material, hardware accessories, production process and so on. Users who pay attention to furniture environmental protection can choose solid wood wardrobes or wardrobes with higher environmental protection.

5. When customizing the wardrobe, we often hear the merchants say “zero formaldehyde” and “no aldehyde added” when introducing the product, so that it is formaldehyde-free. In fact, this cognition is wrong. The wood material naturally contains formaldehyde, and after the fine sealing of the environmentally-friendly wardrobe, the internal formaldehyde will not be released any more, and will not threaten the health of the human body.

6, custom wardrobe can not blindly pursue low prices. Many people choose small workshops to customize the wardrobe in order to reduce costs, but the quality and after-sales service of such wardrobes are often not guaranteed.

7, the wardrobe is not just a storage, the wardrobe and the overall space style, the internal design pattern of humanity, aesthetic and practical both are the issues that need to be considered.

8. The wardrobe is a kind of furniture that we use very frequently. It is a very important part to ensure that it is environmentally friendly. The wardrobe with excessive formaldehyde emission is a serious threat to our healthy home life.

Avoid the misunderstanding of these custom closets, in order to better purchase beautiful and practical environmentally friendly wardrobes, so that our home life is more healthy and happy.