The corner wardrobe can make full use of the corner space

- Apr 19, 2019-

The corner wardrobe can make full use of the corner space, improve the space utilization rate, and make the room look more harmonious and beautiful. It is a wardrobe that many consumers like very much. For those who have not used the corner wardrobe, I would like to know how to use the corner wardrobe. How to design the corner wardrobe, let's understand these problems.

If you want to know if the corner wardrobe is good, you can first look at the advantages and disadvantages of the corner wardrobe.

Corner wardrobe advantages

1. Don't look at the corners and think that this kind of closet is difficult to customize. In fact, in the custom industry, it is very mature today. Most brands have professionalism in custom corner wardrobes, and customization is very convenient.

2, the corner wardrobe will connect the two wardrobes, and can cover the corners of the corners, making the whole space more perfect.

3. Reasonable use of the dead space that was not used, improve the storage space of the wardrobe, and store more clothes.

4, pay attention to the humanized corner design, make full use of the space, improve the space utilization rate, is a good choice for small-sized families.

Shortcomings of corner wardrobe

1. The two adjacent doors at the corner may bump into the door when it is opened, thus damaging the door panel or the door handle.

2. There may be a stacking function area at the inner corner of the corner wardrobe, but the opening of the cabinet door is limited, and it is not convenient to stack the clothes.

3, corner wardrobe Generally, a set of wardrobes only have one door handle, which is very inconvenient when opening another cabinet door.

Corner wardrobes have advantages and disadvantages. It is also necessary to judge according to the specific conditions of each user. So how should the corner wardrobe be designed to fully exploit its advantages?

1. The corner of the corner wardrobe can be set to an open type. Without the cabinet door, the shortcomings of the corner wardrobe can be avoided, and the clothes can be taken easily. You can also put some photo frames or other ornaments on the display cabinet, which is both practical and enjoyable.

2. If the corner is designed to be ninety degrees, it will appear sharp and stiff, and can be set to an obtuse angle, so that the wardrobe has a larger contact surface, and the use is more comfortable and smooth.

3, corner wardrobe can be combined with the corner and desk design, make full use of the corner space, so that the bedroom can rest and work. A row of wall cabinets and a number of shelves can be customized at the top of the desk to better increase the storage space.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the corner wardrobe, you can choose whether to customize the corner wardrobe according to your actual situation. Some practical corner wardrobe designs can make our home life more comfortable and beautiful. I hope that the corner wardrobe design can help everyone.