The color of the wardrobe and the style of the bedroom will affect the aesthetics and coordination of the entire space.

- Mar 26, 2019-

The color of the wardrobe does not match the style of the bedroom, which will affect the aesthetics and coordination of the entire space. The wardrobe is a must for every family. The suitable wardrobe can make the home more comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the wardrobe color selection and wardrobe purchasing skills.

Wardrobe color selection

1, the choice of wardrobe color should take into account the size of the bedroom. If a small area of space with a warm color wardrobe with thick colors will make the bedroom look narrower and more restrained; and the wardrobe will be darker in color, which will give the bedroom space an expanded visual effect.

2. Users of different ages will like wardrobes of different colors. Older people like the atmosphere, thick and solid wardrobe; middle-aged people prefer light color or light and quiet color in the wardrobe color; young people have vitality and youthful atmosphere, they will love the wardrobe with impact color or full color.

3. Select the color of the wardrobe according to the lighting conditions of the bedroom. For rooms with poor lighting, it is advisable to use a wardrobe with high color brightness, and use a dark wardrobe as much as possible; the bedroom with good lighting can have a dark color in the wardrobe.

4, the color of the wardrobe needs to be coordinated with the color of the floor and other furniture. Floors are usually not replaced, so you can choose a neutral color that is easy to match with most colors of furniture. If the other furniture is light-colored, the wardrobe can be used in a wide range of colors, both dark and light. If the other furniture in the room is dark, then the color of the wardrobe should be chosen so that the space is not too dark.

5, a variety of wardrobes, different colors can have different styles, we can choose the color of the wardrobe according to the decoration style of the bedroom, so that the whole space becomes more harmonious and more aesthetic.

Wardrobe buying skills

1. Through the internal structure of the wardrobe, look at the practicality of the wardrobe. Since the price of the wardrobe is usually calculated according to the expanded area, if more layers are made to make the price of the wardrobe more expensive, it is better to do less laminates, and it is more practical and cheaper to make more clothes rails.

2. If it is a sliding door wardrobe, it is also important to check whether the pulley is smooth and wear-resistant, and whether the bearing capacity of the track meets the standard. The sliding door wardrobe with the quality of the pulley can provide better comfort and service life.

3, when buying a wardrobe, you can smell the scent of the wardrobe, the hardware is not complete and branded anti-counterfeiting mark, check the edge of the wardrobe is not intact.

4, the thickness of the wardrobe door panel should be at least 8 mm, and the more durable and sturdy wardrobe, the thickness of the door panel is 12 mm or 10 mm.

5, the wardrobe is a large piece of furniture, transportation, installation, maintenance, etc. need professional people to deal with, so when buying a wardrobe, you should know whether the business provides these after-sales services free of charge. In daily life, the frequency of use of the wardrobe is more frequent, and it is inevitable that problems will arise. Therefore, choosing a wardrobe with a good after-sales service can solve some troubles about the wardrobe in our lives.