the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood cabinets

- Jan 13, 2020-

the advantages and disadvantages of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

1. The material of solid wood cabinets is natural solid wood, which ensures better quality of cabinets. Solid wood is mainly cherry, pine, oak, ash and other tree species. These trees have their unique growth environment, and at the same time create their own year of growth. The use of this type of solid wood panels for the implementation of cabinets can not only increase the beauty of the kitchen space, but also have good moisture resistance. In some acidic and alkaline environments it has good anti-corrosive properties. For more greasy and humid kitchen spaces, solid wood cabinets are comfortable. Become the best cabinet choice.

2. Cabinets made of solid wood are relatively high-class and look stylish. The color and texture are evenly distributed, the color is clean and has good stability. A solid wood cabinet will not have quality problems at normal temperature and its hardness is relatively hard. It is resistant to scratches, abrasion and oil. The cabinet is made of pure solid wood as a whole, and the hand-made details make the solid wood original wooden. The texture is clearer and more natural.

3. With the progress of wood technology, the overall appearance of solid wood cabinets has not changed slightly. The shade of traditional cabinet products is single, and simple shapes are innovative. The excellent carving process makes the door panels and corners more beautiful, presents various visual effects and a variety of colors of solid wood cabinets.

Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood cabinets - disadvantages

1. white solid wood kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood species, therefore some techniques and equipment are required when processing cabinets. Since the moisture contained in solid wood is difficult to clean, if you use solid moisture-containing wood to make the cabinet, after a long time of use the cabinet will be easily bitten by insects. If it is in a humid environment, the cabinet will easily grow in moss.

2. The solid wood cabinet material comes from natural environmental protection and will not cause any damage to human body during everyday use. Due to higher production costs, solid wood wardrobes are also more expensive. Due to the high moisture content of solid wood, it is easy to deform the casing under the influence of rain during use, and when exposed to high temperature, the material will crack. At the same time, solid wood cabinets are carefully painted and cannot damage the inside materials of the cabinets. If they accidentally collide with metal products or other sharp objects, they easily peel off or dents appear.