Summer maintenance method for wardrobe

- Apr 27, 2019-

1, the wardrobe should not be placed in the air conditioning vents or heat sources, huge temperature differences can easily lead to aging or damage to the wardrobe.

2, in order to prevent the wardrobe from being exposed to the sun, its location can not be placed in direct sunlight.

3, the summer rainstorms are more, the space is humid, the wall surface often appears to return to the tide, so there should be a certain gap between the wall closet and the wall surface, to maintain ventilation while avoiding direct contact with the water droplets of the wall, thus Reduce the possibility of the wardrobe getting wet.

4. Put some desiccant in the corner of the closet and keep the room ventilated to avoid deformation or rot of the door panel or cabinet.

5, some corrosive liquids such as strong acid, gasoline, alcohol, alkali, nail polish or banana water, etc., can not touch the surface of the wardrobe, otherwise the wardrobe is easy to be corroded.

The white custom closet can be paired with many different styles of decoration, and it looks bright and lively and is loved by many consumers. White is a color that is not resistant to dirt. It is difficult to take care of. Only by mastering the correct maintenance method can the furniture be refreshed.

How to maintain white custom closet

1. The wardrobe that has been used for a long time is prone to yellowing. You can use the toothpaste to gently wipe the wardrobe cabinet to restore the yellowed wardrobe to white.

2, in order to make the white wardrobe that loses luster for long-term use to restore light, we can add a small amount of vinegar to the hot water, then put it into a soft cloth soaked, soft cloth and then remove it to wipe the wardrobe, etc. The water is dried and then waxed.

3. If there is a big smell in the closet, put a cup of boiled milk into the cabinet and close the door. When the milk is cooled, the wardrobe will have no smell.

4, you can use the amount of water added to the glycerin to clean the wardrobe, a more thorough cleaning effect and make the wardrobe more white.

In the hot and humid summer, you should remember to use the above method to maintain your wardrobe and make the wardrobe last longer. Friends who have a white wardrobe at home know the maintenance of these white wardrobes, so that the wardrobe can be kept clear and bright.