Solve the problem of moisture in solid wood cabinets

- Apr 14, 2019-

Although the solid wood cabinet has the advantages of natural texture, environmental protection and durability, the moisture content of the solid wood will make the temperature of the cabinet become unstable and easily deformed by moisture. The following methods can solve the moisture problem of solid wood cabinets, keeping the kitchen clean and dry.

1. When the kitchen returns to the tide, a pot of charcoal stove can be placed to increase the indoor temperature to reduce the humidity of the kitchen. When using a charcoal stove, be sure to provide ventilation and other safety measures to protect your family's safety.

2. Place the quicklime in the room and use its adsorption to absorb the moisture in the air to keep the room dry.

3, you can put some lighted scented candles in the kitchen, not only can remove the musty smell of the kitchen, but also make the air dry.

4, the kitchen can open the window on a clear afternoon, keep ventilation to reduce humidity. If it is rainy or cloudy, you can open the doors and windows in the downwind direction and close the windows and doors in the southeast or south.

5, the use of electrical dehumidification, such as air conditioning, dehumidifiers, etc., can reduce the indoor humidity, to ensure the dryness of solid wood cabinets.

6. Place some bamboo charcoal in the cabinet to effectively remove formaldehyde and other odors while dehumidifying.

7, you may not know that the washing powder also has a dehumidification function. Buy a new pack of washing powder, then open a few holes in the plastic film and place it in the kitchen to achieve dehumidification.

However, the kitchen is a place with high humidity. Everyone should pay attention to the moisture-proof problem of solid wood cabinets, thus improving the service life of the cabinets.