Solid wood wardrobe selection skills

- Apr 01, 2019-

1, the quality of qualified real wood wardrobe needs to have excellent backplane structure design, so in the selection of real wood wardrobe need to check the backplane structure of real wood wardrobe, see if it meets the user's requirements.

2, check whether the hardware of the solid wood wardrobe is complete, there can be no omission, or it will affect the use of the wardrobe and service life. A qualified solid wood wardrobe must ensure that the hardware is complete.

3, the board of the real wood chest with good quality passes national examination, when choosing, we can ask a businessman to provide relevant proof, make sure board quality, environmental protection sex accords with a country to ask.

4, check the surface of the solid wood wardrobe, see whether there are scratches, work fine qualified solid wood wardrobe surface will rarely have flaws