Popular Elements of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 11, 2020-

Popular elements: steady tone, strong sense of wood, integration

From the perspective of cabinet color, the calm atmosphere of black grey and dark coffee will become the popular color of cabinets this year and next. At the same time, monochromatic highlight materials, such as white, red, olive green, vanilla and so on, will continue to be popular.

In monochromatic background, the local wood grain embellishment or natural wood grain cabinet will be popular, wood grain color return. The cabinets of classical style are mostly made of solid wood. The frames and door panels are carved by hand. In addition, they are painted and polished by hand to reflect the retro style. The cabinet of modern style also keeps up with this trend, the cabinet of imitative wood grain will appear in large quantities, build the warmth of wood from the vision.

In addition, the concept of "integral kitchen" will be further developed, and the cabinet is bound to develop towards the direction of equipment and integration. Many enterprises in our country are developing or producing kitchen integrated equipment, such as dishwasher, sink integrated equipment; lampblack machine, stove, disinfection cabinet (oven) integrated equipment.