Multi Functional Furniture Definition 3

- Apr 04, 2020-

The biggest feature of functional furniture is to create space, the same furniture through the deformation of space can create many different functions: each piece of furniture has its own "full-time" , such as wardrobe for hanging clothes, wine cabinet for hiding wine; Every piece of furniture can be "part-time" -- a chair becomes a ladder, a coffee table becomes a small table, a bookcase becomes a stool, and so on. These multi-functional furniture in the design, material have a greater improvement, has been recognized by buyers, but also stimulate the market temperature.

Intelligent furniture is a typical representative of modern multi-functional furniture, leading a new way of life. For example, CHEERS' Traditional Leather Sofa uses a retractable alloy frame to achieve "110 and computer, 125 reading, 140 watching TV, 150 listening to music, 160 resting" five "sitting posture" functions; the new intelligent chair for the elderly also has an auxiliary standing function, sit on a chaise lounge and press a button to get out of bed without any help.

At the furniture show, we found a Smart Sofa with a treadmill function, one Button Remote Control, the Sofa automatically opens, the treadmill automatically sets the scene mode, the length can be adjusted according to height and stride length, you can also choose the running scene, for example, at the beach or in a park, you can calculate your running mileage and energy expenditure. This SOFA combines home and exercise, sitting up for long periods of time during exercise, and turning the living room into a gym. It is understood that this sofa is not very expensive, and the price is an ordinary sofa.