Multi Functional Furniture Definition 2

- Apr 03, 2020-

Functional furniture has gained a lot of attention in recent years. The utility model has the advantages of less land occupation, large flexibility, simple function conversion, novel shape, convenient and comfortable use, various functions, flexible and flexible, economical and applicable, and is playing an increasingly important role in life.

Take a look at the "space magic" of custom-made furniture developed by Xun Meng in recent years. For example, the picture of this new type of invisible bed, down is the bed, will be turned into a vertical decorative cabinet, not only very space-saving, and push and pull very light.


Another multi-purpose Tatami, as soon as the crescent-shaped handle is mentioned, the hidden storage compartment under it will be divided into different storage spaces by breaking it up into zero pieces. With the help of electric and hand-operated control systems, the tea table can also be raised and lowered freely, a quiet tea room becomes a comfortable bedroom.

According to the investigation, this kind of multi-function furniture is not all complex mechanism or brand-new material, a set of link mechanism, several flexible connections, wheels, buckles, slideways and other simple but delicate structures, can also achieve new functions.Revolving Dining Table, folding SOFA chair, combined bookcase... as long as the user according to the design, through the simple shift, turn over, fold, rotate, can complete the transformation between different functions of the furniture, in this way, these seemingly simple furniture ideas, not only convenient and practical, but also to bring more fresh home life, like transformers as fun.