Multi Functional Furniture Definition 1

- Apr 01, 2020-

As young people born in the 1980s and 1990s got married, this group of young married people

began to become the main buyers. Some young people had limited financial strength, and small households became the first choice for many of them. Limited space on the need to work on furniture configuration, "one multi-purpose" functional furniture began to hit the market.

Multi-function becomes a new favorite in design

As early as the early 1980s, multi-functional furniture has emerged in Europe and the United States, while the domestic multi-functional furniture market has been gradually formed in the last decade.

It is understood that this new furniture, consumers mainly to young people, especially urban white-collar. As we all know, as part of the home space, furniture form to obey the state of life, and the pursuit of personality of the young family, the definition of the family is obviously different from the old generation.

Now young people in the home often "sit do not sit, stand do not look" , eat books, Internet also open TV, so the furniture also have to follow the "mutation. According to the president of the Furniture Association, this functional element consists of two aspects: first, humanization to adapt to the changes in modern lifestyle; second, personalization to address the needs of different space customization. Based on the multi-purpose functional design, not only saves the small room space, but also meets the functional demand, thus becomes the modern snail lives the furniture disposition essential "the divine implement" .

Below is a kind of multi-functional furniture -- murphy bed with sofa