- Aug 29, 2019-

Storage can be a problem when you have a lot to put in. To solve this problem you can make a bed with space under it. You may want to put it in a plastic container under the bed where it is invisible, but there are many imaginative ways to make it have both storage function and decoration.

Decorative basket: there are many types of basket materials that you can use under the bed.For example, wicker baskets made of rattan, rattan or straw can add a tropical touch to your cubicle.If you want something cleaner, try a neutral color basket like white or black.Leaving the basket exposed on an open shelf under the bed will definitely decorate the room.

Sliding drawer with divider: It's really easier to put things in a drawer than on a shelf. Everything was hidden, so the room remained clean and tidy. Although there is a lot of space under the bed, you may need to add a separator to keep the items in the drawer in good order.

Bedspread skirt: don't you want to spend a budget on bed frame replacement?Make the most of the space under your bed and use containers with LIDS.To keep the look of the room, use a bed skirt in the same color as the sheets, because it covers everything perfectly.