Maintenance method of baking kitchen cabinet

- Apr 06, 2019-

Painted kitchen cabinets are fireproof, easy to clean, and have a bright appearance, so they are very popular. So in daily life, how should we maintain the paint kitchen cabinets and improve the service life of the kitchen cabinets?

Maintenance method of baking kitchen cabinet

1. The paint film thickness of the kitchen cabinet paint door is relatively low, only about 0.3 mm. If the damage is very difficult to repair, or even replace it as a whole, in normal use, avoid sharp objects to bump or scratch the surface.

2, the paint is poor in acid and alkali resistance, easy to be corroded by acidic or alkaline substances, such as vinegar, soy sauce, etc. should be cleaned up in time when accidentally spilled on the countertop.

3. It is best to clean the oil smoke or grease on the door panel after using the kitchen cabinet every time. You can soak the clean cotton cloth in a mixture of detergent and water in a ratio of 1 to 10, wring it out and wipe the table top. Then use clean water and wash it again to avoid color cast.

4, the paint film of the paint kitchen cabinet is subject to high temperature and easy to change color, so you can't let the sun shine directly on the door. If the kitchen cabinet is installed close to the window, it is best to make some shielding on the window.

5. Regularly apply a layer of wax to the baking kitchen cabinet. Before waxing, make sure that the surface of the paint is not damaged. The waxing cycle is 3 months.

The level of kitchen cabinet technology is high, and the custom price is not cheap. Usually, the surface of the kitchen cabinet is cleaned to keep it clean and can protect the health of our home life. Paint kitchen cabinets are expensive in all kitchen cabinets, so friends who use paint kitchen cabinets at home should maintain kitchen cabinets to prevent overall replacement.