Living Room Design Ideas

- Jul 31, 2019-

Classic Living Room Decor

Neutral tones are a good place to start when designing living rooms that stylishly endure. Make mostly monochromatic spaces work by fusing velvet upholstered furnishings with lighter linen-covered pieces and setting them atop a duo-tone sculpted area rug that picks up on the room's main hues. Employ white as a steadfast support, but introduce fashion-forward colors via solid and patterned pillows.

Have Fun

This cheerful living room is anything but formal. Designed to accommodate the needs (and artistic efforts) of a busy family, it combines comfortable seating, easy-clean coffee tables that double as workstations, and an overscale patterned area rug that hides spills. To create a similarly lighthearted lair, limit your color palette to white, one neutral shade, and one bright color so you can keep the focus on ever-changing exhibits of your kids' kaleidoscopic artwork.

Finishing Touches 

Captivating yet calming living rooms result when neutral schemes are embellished with thoughtfully edited accessories. Choose a main hue, such as blue, to showcase coordinating patterned pillows and drapery fabrics. Distribute the color around the space via artwork and collections. Keep the peace by highlighting one metallic finish, such as the silvery tones that resurface here as table lamps, photo frames, tray-table handles, and art glass.