Let's talk about the benefits of using painted door by high end lacquer kitchen cabinets?

- Mar 30, 2020-

In recent years, the market of paint door is growing, and it is widely used. Because of the colorful paint door, looks both beautiful and generous, so many people are using paint door, even the kitchen cabinets are also used paint door. Some friends like cabinet paint door, but not familiar with the cabinet paint, do not know where it is good? So I was a little hesitant when I went shopping. Here I tell you about some cabinet paint little knowledge, I hope to be able to worry about this friend to provide help

The concept of baking paint for some people are relatively unfamiliar, Baking Paint Door Board is actually a kind of paint door board, but the production method is different. The production of baking paint door panel is mainly to spray paint on the door panel, and then to heat and dry it for a certain period of time. Its base material selection is generally density board, and the material generally used behind the material is melamine. Therefore, the whole process of painting door panel will take a long time.

Advantages of using paint door for cabinet

1. Paint cabinet doors have a higher degree of smoothness than normal doors, and the door surface has the ability to reflect light, which makes paint cabinet doors look fuller than normal doors.

2. Compared with the ordinary door panel, the paint cabinet door panel is more environmentally friendly, and does not fade, because the paint cabinet door panel in the process of color curing.

3, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, high density, in the kitchen work do not have to worry about the knife scratch cabinet. The higher the density also decided to bake the paint cabinet door board the hardness as well as the heat resistance can be quite strong.