Kitchen Furniture-style Cabinets

- Jul 15, 2019-

Customize your kitchen cabinets with furniture-style details.

1. Cabinetry-Clad Refrigerator 

These large doors appear to be cabinetry, but instead hide a pro-style refrigerator and freezer. Built-in overhead cabinets make this refrigerator and side storage ensemble feel like a large piece of fine furniture.

2.Dresser-Style Cabinets

You really can't have enough drawers in a kitchen -- especially in the cooking area. Here, a dresser-style cabinet contains stacks of drawers and serves as a room divider. The arched, floor-level cutout makes the kitchen cabinet feel like it has feet.

3.Built-In Bookcase

Added to the end of this island is a built-in bookcase. Beautiful trimwork showcases this as a deliberate addition to the kitchen -- for beautiful and smart storage.