Kitchen cabinet kicking line installation knowledge

- Apr 10, 2019-

Is it necessary to install the Kitchen cabinet baseboard? What should I pay attention to when installing the Kitchen cabinet baseboard? Many users have such questions about the installation of Kitchen cabinet skirting. Here are some details about the installation of the Kitchen cabinet baseboard, I hope to help everyone.

1. The Kitchen cabinet baseboard is installed at the bottom of the Kitchen cabinet. It is part of the Kitchen cabinet, also known as the floor line, to prevent the bottom of the Kitchen cabinet from being eroded by water or other materials.

2, PVC, wood and matte metal is the more common Kitchen cabinet baseboard material. Among them, PVC material is more common, but it is more aging and brittle; wood material is easy to get wet and needs to be replaced regularly; matte metal Kitchen cabinet baseboard is not moldy, moistureproof and waterproof, beautiful and durable.

3, Kitchen cabinet skirting installation instructions:

In order to make the Kitchen cabinet baseboard more conformable and without gaps, the Kitchen cabinet surface and the ground must be cleaned before installation.

When bending the yin and yang corners, you need to make the baseboard mold with the yin and yang angle. The size of the mold must be sized according to the size.

Although the baseboard with a solid material needs a higher price, it is more durable and does not become a passage for ants or cockroaches. Therefore, if you do not consider the route, it is good to choose a solid material Kitchen cabinet skirting.

4, the basic height of the Kitchen cabinet usually does not exceed 1m, so the domestic 70% of the Kitchen cabinet baseboard height is generally about 10 cm, the foreign Kitchen cabinet baseboard height is mainly 0.15m.

5, the installation steps of the Kitchen cabinet baseboard:

First prepare the installation tools such as electric drills, pliers, screwdrivers, electric stoves, etc.

Then start from the bottom ends of the Kitchen cabinet, first straighten the alignment, then directly hit the line, the height also pops up the same height according to this method.

The next step is to punch holes. According to the position of the horizontal line, the drill is drilled with a drill. The depth of the hole is three centimeters and the diameter is about 1 centimeter.

Finally, apply the adhesive to the wooden wedge and smooth the gap with the wall.

Everyone knows that after the detailed knowledge of the installation of the baseboards of these Kitchen cabinets, I believe that they have a certain understanding of the skirting of the Kitchen cabinets. Although the Kitchen cabinet baseboard is inconspicuous, it has an indispensable effect. If the design is unreasonable or not installed, it will affect the use of the Kitchen cabinet.