Kids Closet Ideas

- Jul 08, 2019-

Functional and fun storage ideas make it easy for kids to keep closets clutter-free. Use these kid's closet ideas to organize clothes and accessories.

1.Storage Tips for Kids' Closets

Think small when designing kid-friendly closet organization. Small drawers, cubbies, andstorage bins make it easy for kids to find what they're looking for without making a mess. Keep clothing in short stacks in shallow drawers so they don't have to rifle through piles. Put toys and books on open shelves in plain sight where they are easy to grab and put away. Use baskets and boxes to keep adults-only items, such as extra toy batteries, out of reach.

2.Storage Solutions for Two

When kids share a closet, strategic kids' closet organizer ideas can keep peace. The symmetrical layout in this closet gives each boy a custom storage area. Racks on either side of a center unit make it easy for each kiddo to get their belongings. Big, bold labels designate ownership of each drawer in the shared center console.

Tips: When hanging rods for vertical storage, look for adjustable pieces that can be repositioned as your child grows.

3.Make the Most of Storage Space

Little kids aren't reaching for their own hanging clothes. Make the most of the space in the top of the closet by positioning clothes rods where Mom and Dad can easily reach. This toddler's closet staggers two rods. Today's ready-to-assemble storage cubes come with mix-and-match options—cubbies, drawers, and shelves—to fit your toddler closet organization needs. Arrange a set in the bottom space, then trim the stacked cubes with quarter-round molding, if desired.