I'll tell you about the selection of High End Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

- Jan 27, 2020-

I'll tell you about the selection of high end lacquer kitchen cabinets

More and more consumers like to pick the high end lacquer kitchen cabinets cupboard. Because it looks beautiful and clean. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this cabinet? What consumers should choose? Next, this is all one small adjustment for everyone.


I. The color is bright, the surface is flat, the contamination is high, and it is easy to wash.

2. Lacquer surface has no oil, no water, and is effective for waterproofing.


I. High price: the coating board price is higher than the other coating boards because the coating board manufacturing technology is complex.

2. Gloss: in the long run, color cabinet color has become more and more deep. So you need more attention to normal maintenance.

Interest in colliding traces: repair after injury is difficult. If you break it, you must replace it all.

Precautions for purchasing high end lacquer kitchen cabinets

Determines whether the reflected image can be deformed. If a human or an object is aligned at the edge of the image, the surface of the high quality grid is bright like a mirror, but if there is a wrong grid plate, the image of the person or object is deformed.

Coating surface smoothness: high quality of coated surface. Observe the surface of the lacquer foil under the light of the background, do not have deformation, concave, orange outside, rib, etc.

Varnish foil looks clean. The fine varnish foil is applied in a non dust environment, so that the surface of the paint does not contain dirt and dirt. More importantly, choosing a large brand is guaranteed quality.

Yes, now I know the interest of time. Please pay attention to purchase.