How to remove the fumes on the kitchen cabinet surface

- Apr 04, 2019-

1. After the clean rag is soaked in vinegared water, wipe the surface of the kitchen cabinet to remove oil. The rag can also be soaked in a bleaching solution and used to clean the fumes on the surface of the kitchen cabinet.

2, it is best to clean the dirt on the surface of the kitchen cabinet after each cooking, it will not be clear after a long time. If the home is installed with solid wood kitchen cabinets, it is best to carry out a waxing and cleaning maintenance in about 15 days, which can make the color of the kitchen cabinet more vivid.

3. The cleaning methods of kitchen cabinets with different materials on the countertop are different. Original wood kitchen cabinets should first be cleaned with tweezers and then wiped with a special emulsion or dry cloth moistened with logs. Never use oil cleaners or wet wipes. Natural stone countertops are suitable for use with soft scouring pads. Do not use toluene cleaners or white spots are difficult to clean. Do not use a strong acid detergent, which is diluted with hydrochloric acid and cleansing powder, because it will make the kitchen cabinet surface tarnish.

4, often wipe the kitchen cabinet wall to keep the kitchen cabinet clean for a long time. Dilute the alcohol to a concentration of 75% to wipe the oil, and use the alcohol to dissolve the grease to remove the oil. Moreover, alcohol has a fast-drying property and is more resistant to mildew.

5, neutral detergent is suitable for the cleaning of most kitchen cabinets, while using soapy water can also remove stubborn stains. If it is a matte countertop, it can be wiped with a descaling powder in a circular manner.

6, the kitchen cabinet made of fireproof material can be wiped with a nylon brush or nylon ball with household cleaner, then scrub with a damp cloth, and finally dry with a dry cloth. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets should be cleaned with a soft scouring pad, a soft towel dampened with water or a brightener. Do not use steel balls, hard scouring pads, chemical wipes or steel brushes. Otherwise, the kitchen cabinet surface will be eroded. Or scratches.