how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding

- Jan 16, 2020-

The remedial steps for the wardrobe are as follows: distribution, cleaning, painting, sand, painting, assembly protection.

1. Clean the original cupboard, and start carefully in the shape of the cupboard so as not to damage the cupboard.

2. Clean the dust from the top of the cupboard. For some heavy dirt, try not to use chemical agents to remove it. It is best to remove it with a damp cloth soaked in hot water.

3. Remove the paint from the top of the original kitchen cabinet. Wide, lined with fine sandpaper. With difficulty, you can use a knife. But be careful not to damage the first cut, otherwise it will be difficult to fix it.

4. After digging, see if there are any variations in the quality of the cupboard, such as using a putty to measure it, and reprint it in a flat.

5. To paint a brush. The surface of the paint should not be too thin or thick. In general, it is best to print it three times, since the first time is the original text. Next to the brush, do not brush one brush at a time, the order should move from the inside out. The third coat of paint was left to stand for an hour or two at the base of the first two paintings, and the surface was slippery or uneven, and was mostly covered with water pipes and paint, and prepared for the varnish of painting.

6. Protect the paint layer. The purpose of using varnish is to ultimately protect the paint layer and make the paint layer glossy. Be sure to wait until the paint is completely dry before you talk about assembly and installation of the cupboard.

Remember, when painting kitchen cabinets, be sure to avoid areas that do not require painting, and cover it with a layer of film to prevent contamination. After the paint has dried, do not immediately install the cupboard, waiting for the harmful components of the paint to be removed, or replacing it when the flavor disappears, to reduce the damage to the human body.