How to layout kitchen cabinets

- Mar 22, 2019-

1. Island type:

The island kitchen has more worktops and storage space, so that many people can work together in the kitchen. If you need it, you can also install the sink or oven/stove on the kitchen island. Before you decide, check if you can do kitchen island pumping. The connection of the hood's pipes, circuits and air ducts ensures that there is a work surface between the stove and the sink.

This design requires a large kitchen space, at least 120cm between the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen island to ensure that there is enough space to move around and the door and drawer open space, the kitchen island can also be used for serving, The table or room is separated.

2, U shape:

The U-shaped kitchen makes it easy to access every item, allowing you to use the space for cooking and storage. The two can work together in the kitchen, but the U-shaped kitchen is only suitable for large kitchens, preventing the operation surface from being inserted. The two can work comfortably together without colliding, and the spacing between the two opposite kitchen cabinets must be at least 120cm to ensure a satisfactory space.

3, corridor type:

The corridor kitchen is to build two rows of work and storage areas along the opposite walls. If the preparation of food is the focus of the kitchen work, then this design is a big advantage, the corridor kitchen does not need a lot of space, the kitchen has a door at the end. Or the window; the two opposite rows of kitchen cabinets must be at least 120cm apart to ensure that there is enough space to open the kitchen cabinet door. For narrow spaces, one side can choose a kitchen cabinet with a depth of 60cm and the other side with a depth of 35cm. .

4, a word type:

The one-line kitchen puts all the appliances and kitchen cabinets along a wall, and the work is done on a straight line. This compact and useful narrow kitchen plan is suitable for small and medium-sized families, who may only have one person in the kitchen at the same time. If you use this kind of planning in a large kitchen, you may have too much space between the different functions. You can think about using double-row kitchen cabinets or adding wall-to-wall kitchen cabinets to maximize the use of wall space.

5, L shape:

The L-shaped kitchen is a useful kitchen plan and the most common kitchen plan. It is the ideal choice for small spaces. In this way, the working area can be divided between the walls connected by two sides to obtain a suitable working triangle. Stoves, sinks, disinfection kitchen cabinets, and refrigerators, with a worktop between each station to avoid spills and excessive congestion.