How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets

- Aug 31, 2019-

The kitchen is a common area of the house. We use it to make food many times a day.

In addition to being clean, good organization and good design are also important. If you take these two points into account, the kitchen will be a better place to work, even when cooking together, and can get along with your family. When decorating the kitchen, we don't fill the counter with stuff.

Instead, we hung the decorations on the wall, even on top of the cupboards.

One of the most challenging parts of the decoration is the top of the cabinet. Some homes have space above their cupboards to provide extra storage space or a great place to display some items. However, how you decorate the area in the kitchen may affect the attractiveness of your kitchen and may damage it.

Know the dimensions of the space above the cabinets.

Before you start decorating, even before you bring something in, be sure to measure it. Measure the length and width of the area above the cabinet. That way, you'll know if your item sits too big or too small. Do not use a very small monitor because it can appear very small in space.

Avoid crowding it.

It's never a good idea to squeeze on top of a cupboard. If you do, your kitchen may look like a display area.

You will collect dust, which is not good because the kitchen must be kept clean. In addition, the purpose of the space is to give you a more relaxed feeling of space that will certainly feel.

 Create a focal point.

Choose one big item to display. Make it as your focal point. Start by placing that large item a little bit off center. From there, add other decor. This way, you will have a direction of how to display on top of your cabinet.

The focal point will draw the eyes. It has to be big and bold because it is at the top.